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Sainte Luce - Martinique
Sainte-Luce is located at the South of Martinique, on the Western coast, between Le Diamant et Le Marin.The commune of Sainte Luce has the largest selection of hotels of the island.

Many beaches are located near Sainte Luce : Gros Raisins, Anse Corps de Garde, Anse Pont café, Anse Fond Banane, Anse Désert, Anse Mabouya.

The Forest of Montravail, forest field arranged by the ONF (Office National des Forêts) allows the discovery of many species of trees of Martinique or imported like the pine of the Caribbean, the mahogany of Honduras, the pear tree, the courbaril thus that a large fromager. One also finds in this forest the vestiges of old cultures of the dwelling of Montravai: cacao-trees, avocado trees, mango trees, vanilla, coffee-trees, bricotiers, plum trees of cythère ...

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  Sainte Luce from Morne Gommier   Anse Corps de Garde - Sainte Luce   Fishing port - Sainte Luce   Anse Corps de Garde - Sainte Luce


 Hiking in Sainte-Luce

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Hiking in Montravail Forest   Hiking in Montravail Forest - Forêt de Montravail
3 km - 1.5 hours
Level 1 (easy) - Petroglyphs located at Montravail Forest.
Access : Forêt Domaniale de Montravail.

Precolombian site

Ste Luce is also one of the oldest place of settlement of the island as testify an archeological precolombian site, discovered in 1970,at the Forêt de Montravail. This site has a group of four rocks engraved (petroglyphs) of more than fifteen centuries of existence. Of irregular form of 2 m on 1m40, one of these rock has 11 faces engraved


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