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Saint-Pierre - Martinique
At the beginning of the 20th century, Saint-Pierre , prosperous city of 28 000 inhabitants, economic capital of the island, was the most modern town in the Caribbean, equipped with electricity, two transatlantic cables, the telephone, and a tramway connecting its center to its western suburb.

In 1902, Saint-Pierre as well as the ships in the bay was devastated in 90 seconds by a volcanic cloud descending the Mount Pelée volcano ( Mount Pelé) at 500 km/h. 30000 people died while only two survived.

Distroyed by the eruption, Saint-Pierre never found again its prestigious past. That was the end of the competition with Fort de France. On ashes of Saint-Pierre, a new village has been rebuilt. Today the activities of Saint-Pierre are mainly connected with tourism
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  Saint-Pierre - Mount Pelée   Saint-Pierre from Mount Pelée   Saint-Pierre - Summit of Mount Pelée   Saint-Pierre - Bay of Saint-Pierre
Saint-Pierre - Mount Pelée   Saint-Pierre - Mount Pelée   Montagne Pelée et Saint-Pierre   Montagne Pelée et Saint-Pierre
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 Hiking near Saint-Pierre

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Mount Pelée Hot Springs   Mount Pelée Hot Springs
8 km and 5h round trip - Elevation gain : 550 meters
Level 1 (easy - Path ONF - forbidden tue/wed/friday.
Access : Near the sand pit - 2 km North of Saint-Pierre on the way to Le Prêcheur.

Hot Springs

Near Saint-Pierre, the excursion of the Hot Springs makes it possible to discover sulfurous, accessible cascades in 3 hours by a path located on the East face of the Mount Pelée volcano. These sources are situated at an altitude of 600 meters and can reach a temperature 60 °C. They are the only apparent sign of the activity of the volcano.

 Volcano WebCam


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