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Mount Pelée - Martinique
With its 1397 m the Mount Pelée (or Mount Pelé) dominates the island of Martinique. This volcano became one of the most famous volcanos of the world with its eruption of 1902 which destroyed the town of Saint-Pierre and its 28000 inhabitants. The Mount Pelée owes its name with its aspect covered of ashes following an eruption which took place about 1635, little time before the arrival of the first colonists in Martinique.

The study of the causes of the disaster marks the beginning of modern volcanology with the definition and the analysis of the deadliest volcanic hazard: the pyroclastic flows and surges, also called "glowing clouds". The eruption has also let its name to "The Pelean eruption style".

Seven communes are installed on the sides of the volcano: Le Prêcheur, Saint-Pierre, Morne-Rouge, Grand-Rivière, Ajoupa-Bouillon, Basse-Pointe and Macouba.

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  Tree fern - Edge of Caldeira   Caldeira - Mount Pelée   Dome of 1929 - Le Chinois   Dome of 1929 - Le Chinois
View towards Le Prêcheur   Caldeira - Mount Pelée   Caldeira - Mount Pelée   Summit of Mount Pelée
Morne la Croix and Summit of Mount Pelée Morne Macouba from Mount Pelée Caribbean coast from Mount Pelée Tree fern - Caldeira


 Hiking to the Mount Pelée

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Montagne Pelée par l'Aileron   Hiking Mount Pelée - L'Aileron
6 km and 5h round trip - Elevation gain : 618 meters
Level 2 (moderate) - Path ONF no 23.
Access : Morne Rouge and Route de l'Aileron, Parking of 1st refuge.
Mount Pelée Hot Springs   Mount Pelée Hot Springs
8 km and 5h round trip - Elevation gain : 550 meters
Level 1 (easy - Path ONF - forbidden tue/wed/friday.
Access : Near the sand pit - 2 km North of Saint-Pierre on the way to Le Prêcheur.

Mount Pelée

The Mount Pelée is a part of a volcanic arc of nearly 850 km, extended from Puerto Rico to the South American contintent, in the contact area of the Caribbean and Atlantic plates.

Even if it seems in a deep sleep, this volcano is still active (hot spring and light seismic activity).

Seven towns are located on the sides of the volcano : Le Précheur, Saint-Pierre, le Morne-Rouge, Grand-Rivière, Ajoupa-Bouillon, Basse-Pointe and Macouba

 Volcano WebCam

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