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Les Trois-Ilets - Martinique
The commune of Les Trois-Ilets is situated on a peninsula surrounded to the north by the bay of Fort de France (bay of Les Flamands), to the west by the Anses d'Arlet, to the south by The Diamand and to the east by Rivière Salée.

Les Trois-Ilets is a major tourist area in the island with several beaches, the Pointe du Bout, Anse Mitan and Anse à l'Ane. This peninsula offers a splendid sight on Fort de France bay and different ilets Thébloux, Charles, Sixtain, Gros Ilet, Ilet à Ramier.

The area of La Pagerie, located South of the old habitation of La Pagerie where was born Joséphine de Beauharnais, allow some beautiful excursions through creole gardens to La Plaine (district of Anse d'Arlet).

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  Anse à l'Ane - Les Trois-Ilets   Anse Mitan - Les Trois-Ilets   Les Trois-Ilets   Anse à l'Ane - Les Trois-Ilets
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 Hiking near les Trois-Ilets

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Hiking in the area of La Pagerie   Hiking in the area of La Pagerie
7 km - 3.5 hours - Elevation gain : 348 meters
Level 1 (easy) - Path ONF.
Access : La Pagerie.

Forêt Vatable

Located at Pointe Vatable, the forest of Vatable forms part of thel forest of the littoral. It has a diversified vegetation: Mahogany, Caribbean pine, teak, mapou, eucalyptus, palm trees. This site is managed by the Office National des Forêts and used to be a part of the habitation Soleil Vatable


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