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Le Prêcheur - Martinique
With Saint-Pierre, of which it was a district, Le Prêcheur is the first zone of occupation of Martinique. Its name would come from a rock now immersed whose form drew a preacher.

Le Prêcheur is surrounded by many black sand beaches (Anse Céron, Anse Couleuvre, Anse Lévrier, Anse à voile, Anse la Celle, Anse des Galets ...), starting points of many excursions, and by a luxuriant and dense nature.

The habitation Céron located 5 km to the North of Le Prêcheur, shows ruins of an old sugar refinery of the 17th century in a park of trees centenaries . One meets in this old habitation some green anolis, hummingbirds Madeira, red partridges, matoutous cliff as well as a large tree zamana 250 years old.

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  Le Prêcheur   Anse Couleuvre - Le Prêcheur   Anse Couleuvre - Le Prêcheur   Anse Lévrier - Le Prêcheur
Anse Céron - Le Prêcheur   Anse Couleuvre - Le Prêcheur   Anse Couleuvre - Le Prêcheur   Anse Couleuvre - Le Prêcheur
Anse Couleuvre - Le Prêcheur Plantation near Anse Couleuvre Anse Couleuvre - Le Prêcheur  


 Hiking near Le Prêcheur

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Hiking Grand-Rivière - Le Prêcheur (Anse Céron)   Grand-Rivière - Le Prêcheur (Anse Céron)
20 km - 6 hours - Elevation gain : 670 meters, elevation loss : 670 meters
Level 1 (easy) - Water at River Trois-Bras- Path ONF no 20.
Access : Mairie de Grand-Rivière.
Mount Pelée Hot Springs   Mount Pelée Hot Springs
8 km and 5h round trip - Elevation gain : 550 meters
Level 1 (easy - Path ONF - forbidden tue/wed/friday.
Access : Near the sand pit - 2 km North of Saint-Pierre on the way to Le Prêcheur.

Le Prêcheur

Anse Couleuvre, one of the most beautiful beach of the island, is crossed by a brook and is surrounded by cliffs.
For diving, the Pearl of Anse Céron is the north counterpart of the Diamond Rock in the south.

Many excursions are possible from le Prêcheur, in particular the excursion Anse Couleuvre - Grand-Rivière, or the ascension of the Mount Pelée by Grande Savane, near le Prêcheur, which is the
only access to the Mount Pelée from the Caribbean coast.


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