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North of Martinique
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South of Martinique
Les Trois-Ilets
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Le Marin
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Le Marin - Martinique
Located at the end of a bay protected by the Pointe Borgnesse and the Pointe Marin, Le Marin was from the very start of colonization a place of predilection for the ships.

Today Le Marin has one of largest marina of the Caribbean.

With 200 m of altitude the Piton Crève-Coeur, old volcano of basalt and andesite dominates the South of the island.
Its vegetation characteristic of the dry tropical forests is rich in scents: sisal plants, cactus-rackets, gommier, ti-baume, pear tree, caribbean pine, mahogany small sheets.
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  Le Marin - Marina   Ruins of sugar refinery - Piton Crève-Coeur   Bay of English from Piton Crève-Coeur   Piton Crève-Coeur
Piton Crève-Coeur - Summit   Cul de Sac du Marin   Le Marin - Ilet Duquesnay   Le Marin - Marina
Le Marin - Marina Marin Bay Church of Le Marin Hiking near le Marin


 Hiking near Le Marin

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Hiking the Piton Crève-Coeur   Hiking the Piton Crève-Coeur
2,5 and 1.5 hours round trip - Elevation gain : 154 meters
Level 1 (easy).
Access : Crève-Coeur and habitation Crève-Coeur.
Trace des Caps : Cap Macré - Macabou   Trace des Caps : Cap Macré - Macabou
5km - 3.5 hours
Level 1 (easy) - Hiking along the coast - Path ONF no 29.
Access : Cap Macré.

Le Marin

Under the Piton Crève-Coeur, the old sugar habitation of Crève-Coeur, now full of red gommiers, would have been built at the beginning of the 18th century, time of the rise of the large sugar growers and the triangular traffic. The site has the oldest steam generator of Martinique


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