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Garden of Balata - Martinique
At the North of Fort de France, one arrives at Balata by the Road of the Trace (Route de la Trace). This old transportation route, one of most wild of the island, connects Fort de France to Morne Rouge while crossing the tropical forest.

The Road of the Trace was carried out by the Jesuits at the beginning of 18th century. This road is well known for its anthuriums, balisiers, high tree ferns, bamboo groves, climbing vines and hardwood trees like mahogany, rosewood, locust and gommier

Near Balata, the site of Fontaine Didier, abandoned for several years is an old thermal station built in 1933.

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  Bromeliads - Bromeliaceae   Balisier - Heliconia latispatha   Torch Ginger - Phaeomeria Magnifica   Spathiphyllum
Balisier - Heliconia caribea   Anthurium   Pandanus sanderi   Fontaine Didier - Near Balata
Pandanus sanderi Tropical forest - Jardin de Balata Alpinia rosea Tropical plants - Bromeliads


 Hiking near Balata

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Verrier - Absalon - Par le Morne Chapeau-Nègre   Verrier - Morne Chapeau-Nègre - Absalon
6 km - 4 hours - Elevation gain : 271 meters, elevation loss: 577 meters
Level 3 (strenuous) - Path ONF no 1.
Access : Verrier Chapeau-Nègre.

Jardin de Balata

Located around an old creole house, the Garden of Balata (Jardin de Balata), marvellous tropical botanical park was creates by the horticulturist and landscape designer Jean Philippe Thoze. This tropical garden offers a collection of trees, plants and tropical flowers, brought back from Caribbean and whole world : Ginger, heliconia, alpinia, anthuriums, spathiphyllum, ixora, bromeliads.


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