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Grand-Rivière - Martinique
At the North of the island, Grand-Rivière is situated between the Mount Pelée and the Dominica Channel. Offering the shorter way between Martinique and the Dominica, Grand-Rivière was initially inhabited by the Caribbean Indians then by the French at the 17th century, at the first times of colonization.

The area of Grand-Rivière is very mountainous (Morne Balata, Morne Tique, Morne Citron), the coast is made of caps (cap Saint Martin) as well as beaches (Anse Dufour, Anse du Débarcadère, Anse de la Bagasse).

In front of the town hall of Grand-Rivière starts the path leading to Le Prêcheur. This 6 hours excursion passes by the habitation Fond Moulin, crosses the river Trois-Bras (water point) for then joining the littoral by the Cap St-Martin, the Anse des Galets, Anse Couleuvre and Anse Céron.

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  Grand-Rivière   Grand-Rivière   Grand-Rivière   Grand-Rivière
Grand-Rivière   Hiking from Grand-Rivière to Le Prêcheur   Restaurant Le Bout du Bout   Tourist Office of Grand-Rivière
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 Hiking in Grand-Rivière

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Hiking Grand-Rivière - Le Prêcheur (Anse Céron)   Grand-Rivière - Le Prêcheur (Anse Céron)
20 km - 6 hours - Elevation gain : 670 meters, elevation loss : 670 meters
Level 1 (easy) - Water at River Trois-Bras- Path ONF no 20.
Access : Mairie de Grand-Rivière.


The vegetation of the tropical forest around Grand-Rivière is dense and luxuriant, mahogany, courbaril, bamboo, bois flambeau, whitewood.

A the end of the road, the beach of Grand-Rivière is the starting point of the fishermen towards the Dominica channel, a dangerous passage whipped all the year by the winds of the Atlantic


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